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Whitesbog Sunset

It's time for me to go. Off to have adventures, and finish a book. I may pop up elsewhere in the interwebs, but I don't know where (I've started a Tumblr account and a Blogspot account, but I'm not yet sure what will be done with them). Here's where you may find me in the meantime:


Goodbye, friends.
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Celebrate the coming of the spring equinox on Friday the 26th.

Virginia-based Olivarez Trio (Gypsy Jazz, Django Flamenco, acoustic classicists) will grace our floors with two acoustic guitars and an upright base.

Music at 8pm till it runs out of steam.

BYOB and all teas available under the usual conditions.

Friday, March 26, 2010 at 8:00pm

Random Tea Room
713 N 4th St.

Facebook page

See you there!
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Red-Bellied Turtle

Handsome little devil. As in life, one must sometimes turn over a few drab shells to see the color.

(Yes: I am very wise.)
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Snapping Turtle Skull

Snapping Turtle Skull

Found with the skeletal remains of what appeared to be five large snapping turtles. Found them scattered amid deer bones. Looks like they were all slaughtered and dumped. This skull was as large as my palm.
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Video of my ditty for Semiospectacle at PS122. I think my second performance that evening was better, but only I would care.
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Art in America thinks I should embark on a lucrative career as a motivational speaker. And you know? They may be onto something!

Out from the Pine Barrens with a mustachioed flourish came Lord Whimsy, whose succinct baritone boomed a lesson in personal appearance, Chimes From A Tin Chrysalis, worthy of an encore at the Paul Stewart corporate retreat in Newport. In a strident speech peppered with idioms and forgotten turns of phrase that were splendidly tangled, Whimsy challenged the oft-recited mantra, "Be yourself" with overwrought diagrams and two live play-actors who personified the most uncouth and well-kept of the genus Homo

Wow, they said I was a "genius homo!" Wha--oh: genus Homo? Hm.

Full review...
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Philly types: if you can help with this toad crossing next week, please do. I'll see you there!


Also: who wants to attend a toad party on Sunday? Or a toad walk? Philebrity sez:

This Sunday, March 28th, there’ll be a “toad party” from 6-8Pm at 7043 Ridge Avenue, complete with vegan refreshments and people who love toads. And through April 9th, “toad walks” will be led a few times a week.

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